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Key Features
  • with single spring
  • it reduces weight
  • it keeps u fit
  • it firms chest and arms
  • tightens hips and tights
  • easy to carry


Bowstrick brings you a handy equipment called the “tummy trimmer” which can be used at the ease of your HOME, OFFICE or OUTDOORS. Only 4 easy Exercises to Burn off calories and tone your Muscles as follow : 1. For Upper Tummy :- Sitting up , with legs straight , lean body backwards until completely laying back with head on floor. Return to sitting position . Start out slowly and work up to the repetitions you feel. 2. For Lower Tummy : – Lie Flat on Floor,extend your legs straight up in the air. Keep your back on the floor and raise and lower legs without bending them. 3. For Chest & Arms :- Sitting erect with legs straight , right , raise handle to tummy height using arms only. 4. For Hips & Thighs :- Lies flat on floor and bend knees up to your chest . Making a circular motion push feel up and them found to ward floor again. IMPORTANT SAFETY WARNING 1.) Do not use while standing. 2.) Use only with sneekers on bare feet. 3.) Do not let unit slip of feet. 4.) Spring should not be streches beyond 3′ 6′. 5.) Be surer straps are pulled up and snug over feet.If unit loosing on feet , stop exercising and resecure pedals ans Straps. 6.) You Should consult your Physician before starting on an Exercise programme.
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